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With knowledge, skill follows and Lucky 2 is no stranger to learning.


Resting under the Florida palms and hiding in the potholes of Philadelphia, we find a natural born redneck inspired by the rich esoteric history of the northeast. Through abstraction, the city of Philadelphia was able to provide a new sense of self for a wide-eyed sponge. 

In the last quarter of nearing a four-year run in Philadelphia, blooming artist Lucky 2 discovered oil paint's vivacious ability to capture texture and intuition. Lost in real life abstraction, comfort was found in the control of colour blending and precise orbs. A series of unplanned events led to an explosive return to South Florida and day-to-day realism. Within weeks, we watched a self-taught painter combine passions as both amateur welder and woodworker.

If you don't believe it, check out the handmade frames from the Revelation Series and see for yourself! 

But before you go, stalk the official Lucky 2 page linked below and keep up to date on new projects and series.